Ajankohtaista luettavaa

SOPLA (Labour agreements and legal services) provides services and expertise in all areas of working life: advice, training, consultancy, dispute settlements, litigation, etc.

Our operations are based on many years of experience in labour market matters, negotiations of employment contracts in various employer organizations, court cases and the publication several books on labour law. One example is Nordic Labour Law, for which Harri Hietala wrote the Finnish contribution together with Keijo Kaivanto.

Harri Hietala is one of Finland's leading labour market lawyers and has acted as a legal expert and managing director in Finnish employer organisations for over 27 years. He is also a member of Insurance Court as well as the labour committee of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. In addition he has been appointed to positions of trust in several enterprises and organisations.

SOPLA handles:

  • Dispute settlement
  • Dismissal cases
  • Litigation in employment matters
  • Local agreements
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Equality issues
  • Collective agreement negotiations
  • Contracts of labour
  • Application of labour law

We provide services to employers, employer organisations, as well as joint ventures (projects) of employers and employees.

Our motto: It is better to find out before making mistakes.

For further information please contact

Harri Hietala, Master of Laws trained on the bench

Labour agreements and legal services SOPLA

Unioninkatu 11, 00130 Helsinki

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